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What are the top wedding destinations ?


Well, of course the best places to get married abroad also depend on your home country, number of guests, personal preferences, etc...


If you live in the United States of America, then the best carribean wedding destinations are not too far, but on the downside is that you, and probably most of your guests already visited the most popular ones, so your destination will not be unique to them.


Europe is increasingly more popular as one of the top places to get married abroad, not only because of the diversity, rich culture, etc..., but also because there are some top wedding destinations to be found, such as France, Italy, and especially Spain.


Over the last few years, weddings in Spain have become increasingly more popular, because as your wedding destination, it has so much to offer ;

a rich culture and tradition, delicious gastronomy and some magnificent options for beach weddings in Spain


Places a venues you thought you could only find in exotic wedding destinations, now are also available in Spain.


If you do consider the carribean, then there a few things to keep in mind ;


The effort and cost to get there is often a big setback for all concerned.

  • Quickly travelling to, and from any caribbean wedding destination is just not that easy because flight times are long and are often followed by lengthy transfers to the accommodation.

  • And the cost is obviously substantially higher then most European destinations.

  • Some guests often only have a couple of days, or a weekend to spare, and lengthy travel makes it very hard for them to attend your wedding, even if they have the financial capability to afford it.


Compared to some European wedding destinations, such as for example  weddings in Spain there is a big difference, both in travel time as in travel costs, and therefore in the ability for your guests to attend to your wedding.

10 frequently asked questions about weddings abroad


According to marketing research 2/3 of the wedding couples consider a destination wedding.


The information on the internet and on various forums is confusing, to say the least.


As professional and experienced wedding planners on the Spanish Costa Blanca, we receive a lot of questions about weddings abroad.


On these pages we try to answer to these questions.

Top wedding destinations, places to get married abroad.